We use a total of 16 essential oils across our range. Find out more about them here.

ogario london shampoo and conditioner ingredients

As many as eight essential oils are chosen for each of our shampoos, conditioners and hair masque. But these unique blends are not only used to fragrance products.

Many of the oils work alongside the naturally-derived active ingredients to give benefits to the hair and scalp. From stimulating the hair follicles to helping reduce breakage, these aromatic oils are carefully selected to help nourish and condition the hair and scalp.

Our range contains the following essential oils:


Fresh and fruity Bergamot is said to help the scalp, leaving hair healthier and shinier.

Cedar and cedar wood

Claimed to be a stimulant for hair growth, cedar wood is a solid bet.


Tangy lime to help protect the scalp and ward off infection.


Zingy lemon is notable for its benefit to hair by helping to rid it of toxins.

Wheat protein


Uplifting orange is said to have regenerative properties and help strip toxins from the hair.


With a citrus aroma, we chose spirit-enhancing elemi for its regenerative properties.

Lavender and Lavandin

Damaged hair, prepare to repair with the healing effects of these colourful plants.



Favoured as an ingredient to stimulate hair growth with nourishing properties for the scalp.


Earthy and evocative, patchouli helps combat dandruff and regulate oily skin.


With natural fats and vitamins, awesome avocado helps protect and strengthen hair.

May chang

Toning may chang restores balance to hair.


We love comforting mandarin for its relaxing qualities and it helps rejuvenate hair, too.


With a woody aroma, amyris can be used in meditation thanks to its calming effects and is said to have regenerative properties for skin and hair.


Spicy ginger stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and gives hair follicles a boost.