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A spoonful of honey

A spoonful of honey

Honey is a multitasker when it comes to caring for your hair. It's one of the key active ingredients in the Ogario London haircare range and here's why.

Honey is great for improving the texture of the hair, helping to prevent static whilst smoothing the hair to get rid of frizz and making it easier to comb. 

Honey helps with the appearance of the hair, leaving it shiny and helping to improve volume.

Honey is an active ingredient the award-winning Ogario London Hydrate and Shine Shampoo and in our new styling range.

In our award-winning Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume we combine Honey with strengthening Oats and Lemon Zest for a full, shiny finish.

In our Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish we combine Honey with hydrating Sugar Beet and conditioning Tamarind for a high-gloss finish.

Check out the award-winning Ogario London haircare range at Ogario London products are packed with plant extracts and essential oils to leave hair shiny, healthy and naturally beautiful.


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Published on March 18th 2017
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